Rosemary from Suits of Decadence. Tried something different with the stye/proportions and got this. My crazy wonderland bard. <3

Have magical girl alpaca girl.This was supposed to be quick and mess but it’s much less messy than it’s supposed to be.

I submitted my last final today. Hopefully I can catch up on many things… or something. I have four classes this summer (five actually, but that’s complicated.)


I am a nerd.
However, I did have a 100% frabjous time at the Steampunk World’s Fair this year. :D

Featured here with my group of merry Wonderlanders who made everything beautious and awesome. <3 

Ah, this was such a wonderful time. <3 Everyone was so very wonderful.

(Guess who I am. I’ll give you a hint: Red, and lots of it.)

I’m not dead. Kinda. I wanted to complete the entire challenge before posting, but that isn’t going to happen. I am combining the monster girl challenge with the magical girl challenge to practice art.

Yes I am still working on Bird Seed and a million other things. School is making everything painfully difficult.


C4.49 And you find out something important about Circe in this page.

On that terrible note, I’ll have to take another break from Bird Seed. I only have four pages of backlog left, and I’m not going to be in the state next Friday. I also have a con trip and a thesis statement that is kicking my ass.

And I left you with this page. How kind. *snicker*

Hopefully the hiatus won’t be long.


C4.47 is up today! Guess who’s back? :3 I have been waiting for this for sooooo long.


C4.45 is up! I can’t help but wonder what else is broken.

Hey. I did a thing. @_@ I intended to post sketches this week but school has been pretty demanding. I have a major project due every week.

She’s the Queen of Hearts. Get it? This was a vent picture that someone convinced me to post. My character, Xiven, happens to be the oh-so-terrifying Queen of Hearts, but she often has feels she doesn’t know how to cope with. Perfect for a vent picture.

o_O; so I have a HUGE amount of art that I’ve been doing since January and haven’t bothered to post anywhere. This is Polly. A character for a Changeling “Let’s do whatever” test fight. She’s based off of Pangolin and I had dubbed her “Roly poly” before giving her a proper name.

I still feel she isn’t pudgy enough.


C4.44 is up today! :D Look at how broken Eleanor’s family is. Isn’t it wonderful?

Working on catching up still, but hey, have a page.


I really miss my old rping site.  So this is sort of a vent drawing for that I guess.  Eldryia is one of my favorite characters I had there, although they were all my lovely.

Man. I miss SoD too. Eldy is Peaches’ favorite child (because she’s a bad mom plays favorites) and I enjoy how she’s the most “normal” of that really messed up family.

And her angry face is just so CUTE.

Finally going to start playing Changeling the Lost with a group. This would be a quick picture of my character Stark (who I have posted before). He’s an Artist with horrible rage issues. Like, flipping tables and shredding canvases rage issues. I just wanted to draw his skinny butt a bit better.

He’s still awkward as hell.

I’m alive, kinda. Meet a Cheshire cat concept I’ve been fussing with for a very long time. She sends her catty love.


C4.43…. if it is some sort of joke we might not have a story.

I would like to note that I will be going on a tiny hiatus, as mid-terms have decided to drop kick me. I will be posting non-relate Bird Seed art to make up for it. Not much, but heeeey. Life is made of lemons.


C.42: It’s okay everyone! The lamp is fine!

Today did not go as well as planned.Through no fault of my own, thankfully.  So Bird seed will be updating for one more week before I disappear for Midterms and my Dad’s birthday. We’ll be back after a two week hiatus. (Hopefully it will be a one week hiatus but I am behind…)