We’re still dealing with small fuzzy kitten nightmares. (I think I mentioned that here, right?) Anyway for the most frequent cat visitors we made up how the kittens see us. Just a little thing to keep me sane during… nightmare finals month.

Mama Sky Cat: carnivalnoir
Cat of Many Tails: Me
Treeeee?!?: minkmagpie
Cat Who Cries Babies!: keepcalmandfinalfantasy
The Shuffler: My Dad actually. Why else would a cat be in house slippers?

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To make up for my not art lately, have a sketch I forgot to scan from a bit ago. Some more angel concepts.

I don’t like to post personal things on my sketch blog, but sometimes it does double as my personal blog. Sorry about that loves, I don’t have enough personal stuff to have it’s own blog blah blah blah. Anyway have a sappy letter I wrote to my cat who passed away yesterday.

Dear Author Dent,

My mother was going to a salon appointment when you popped out of a mail slot and ran up to her. Our previous cat had died two months prior, and I had been officially diagnosed with a stress disorder. She took one look at you and decided that you were going to come home with her, and be my cat.

You became my cat. We met for the first time and we couldn’t stay together because you needed more help that I could give you. When you came back a second time you promptly shoved your face in a cereal bowl and sneezed all over my food. In your shock you fell backwards and turned my TV background noise off. That surprised you so much you ended up in my arms.

I fell in love with you the moment I saw you, but that day sealed everything for me. You were my cat, and despite all of your odd quirks—biting me to show affection, scooping water out of your bowl and putting it on the floor, screaming at my closed door until you figured out how to open it—you loved me and my entire family unconditionally. Even though you were mad at me for leaving you, you always came running when you heard my voice. You cried for me when I was gone. You even slept on my bed and waited for me to come home at 2am.

When you got older you had a few health problems. Your misshapen spine took a toll on you. Then you developed diabetes. But we loved each other, and you didn’t seem to care about your ailments all that much.

We spent 10 years together, and I hoped that we’d have a few more to spend with each other. You came to me when you were sick, you laid on my bed. I knew something was wrong, we all did. By the time we got you to the vet you couldn’t stand. I held you close to me, and I could hear your faint broken purr.

My poor baby. I’m so sorry.

I went to straighten your bed out today. It wasn’t there.

I miss you. You helped me through so much, you don’t even know.


Your Person

Think these are cute? I’m helping a friend with a GoFundMe involving kittens. These are the sketch prizes. If you want any one of these images in full, you can donate to the fund. This is one of those times I won’t be sharing the full images.

Get a Kitten picture for as little as $5 dollars.

Reblogs always appreciated. Let’s snip some kitty bits!

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A note about asexuality

I have been under a considerable amount of stress taking 4 Grad School courses, having health problems, and dealing with so many personal struggles it’s a bit difficult to keep track.

However I thought I would put something out on the table.

I am, without a doubt, asexual. I cannot find people sexually attractive, I have no real desire for sex or that sort of intimacy. However, it doesn’t mean I want to be alone forever.

I am very much in love with someone, and she is very much in love with me from what I can tell. We, for all intensive purposes, are like spouses. We depend on each other, we have a deep emotional connection, we confide in each other and so forth. We have everything a couple has without the sex. She is important to me, and I am important to her.

But she has a romantic relationship with someone else. I… have issues. I have legitimately been abandoned by every person I had even the slightest bit of a crush on. Sharing for me is hard. I’ve been hurt by a lot of people. But we still mean the world to each other, we still need each other, and we still want to be together.

So I’m really sick of hearing that I’m not as important as her romantic relationship. Yes, sex is an important element of some people’s lives. You share a connection with those people too. That’s not how I connect to people though, that’s not how she sees me.

But I love her. She’s not a sister to me. She’s not just a friend. She’s not just a platonic relationship. She calls me her forever friend, and I call her my person. We share a bond, and she makes me feel complete. I’m pretty sure I do the same for her.

So please, stop belittling my relationship with her just because we aren’t romantically involved. Love isn’t black and white. I’m not “just” a friend. She’s not “just” a friend.

Don’t “yeah but” me either. Like I said before, I get that some people need sex and that sort of relationship to be healthy. She does. I don’t. Her romantic partner isn’t more important than me—we live on the same sort of equal footing. We both share a connection with her, and she can’t replace me and I can’t replace her.

So just stop making me feel like I’m completely worthless just because I’m not having sex with her. Stop saying that she’s going to run away with her girlfriend and treat me like a third wheel because that’s what I am. Stop saying that I will be left behind because I just can’t give her what she needs.

I am not worthless because I’m asexual.

I’m not broken.

Neither is my bond with her.

I am not just a friend. Stop making me doubt myself with the “but yeahs” and “really it’s only a matter of time.”

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Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then tag ten of your favorite followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard, but it will make you feel better. So it…

1. I’m very passionate about my work and genuinely try to do the very best I can for my patients 2. I work very hard to understand what my animals might be telling me so I can give them a great life 3. I’m willing to work incredibly hard for something I care deeply about 4. I’m funny 5. I can cook pretty darn well
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1. i’m making huge progress at being able to take things in stride, both personally and professionally

2. i have an encyclopedic knowledge of weird nature facts

3. i love learning. all the time. my drive to learn new things is never satisfied, which is why i’m going after a phd

4. i think i give pretty good advice? i’m willing to use my own failures as examples to help others succeed, at any rate

5. i’m bad at puns, and this is the highest honor a person can have in life

uhhh i can maybe think of a few people. alstroemeric forteh nathalia-sod roczath fightingmachine (LOOK I CAN TAG U TOO MWAH) dreamamongthesharks karimuffin hatefulhoneybee testchamber19 spocksocks

Two days late! WOOO!

1. I’m really good a solving problems that seem impossible.

2. I’m getting much better at dealing with interviews and talking to strangers!

3. My creativity never stops. Even the most boring assignment/day/whatever becomes something exciting.

4. Art is my passion. I’m getting my Master’s degree in administration (and nonprofits) so I can help people share their love of the arts with the world. It’s important.

5. I’m good at writing compelling character interactions.


carnivalnoir luccamajere coaasscomics cjjoughin …. Anyone else? I’m really tired and can’t spell anymore.

Have a design for an angel based off of a bunny?! It was something quick I did for my roommate. Four grad school classes eat a lot of time. At some point I should post the information and sketches related to the crack angelic hierarchy that I developed for story/comic practice/RP purposes.

One day I’ll also post all that Nightvale fanart, Bird Seed pages, cute kitten pictures… you know. One day,

Rosemary from Suits of Decadence. Tried something different with the stye/proportions and got this. My crazy wonderland bard. <3

Have magical girl alpaca girl.This was supposed to be quick and mess but it’s much less messy than it’s supposed to be.

I submitted my last final today. Hopefully I can catch up on many things… or something. I have four classes this summer (five actually, but that’s complicated.)


I am a nerd.
However, I did have a 100% frabjous time at the Steampunk World’s Fair this year. :D

Featured here with my group of merry Wonderlanders who made everything beautious and awesome. <3 

Ah, this was such a wonderful time. <3 Everyone was so very wonderful.

(Guess who I am. I’ll give you a hint: Red, and lots of it.)

I’m not dead. Kinda. I wanted to complete the entire challenge before posting, but that isn’t going to happen. I am combining the monster girl challenge with the magical girl challenge to practice art.

Yes I am still working on Bird Seed and a million other things. School is making everything painfully difficult.


C4.49 And you find out something important about Circe in this page.

On that terrible note, I’ll have to take another break from Bird Seed. I only have four pages of backlog left, and I’m not going to be in the state next Friday. I also have a con trip and a thesis statement that is kicking my ass.

And I left you with this page. How kind. *snicker*

Hopefully the hiatus won’t be long.


C4.47 is up today! Guess who’s back? :3 I have been waiting for this for sooooo long.


C4.45 is up! I can’t help but wonder what else is broken.

Hey. I did a thing. @_@ I intended to post sketches this week but school has been pretty demanding. I have a major project due every week.

She’s the Queen of Hearts. Get it? This was a vent picture that someone convinced me to post. My character, Xiven, happens to be the oh-so-terrifying Queen of Hearts, but she often has feels she doesn’t know how to cope with. Perfect for a vent picture.